DIY Rainbow Stag Beetle

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By: Babysits Canada

The Rainbow Stag Beetle is one of the many cool critters you can go see at The Victoria Bug Zoo. Now you can have one at home too! This is a fun DIY for kids to do with parents or a babysitter! Don’t have a babysitter? Find one at!

Cardboard is a fun and versatile material that we all tend to throw in the recycling bin! Why not use it to create something fun and unique instead? Grab some cardboard, paint, and get crafting!
To get started, grab some cardboard! An old shoe box or delivery package will be more than enough. You will also need a pencil, scissors, some paint and a paintbrush.

With a pencil you can sketch out the different parts of the Rainbow Stag Beetle onto the cardboard. A beetle is a type of insect, which means it has a head, a thorax, an abdomen, and six legs. The male Rainbow Stag Beetle also has a big jaw on top of its head! Take a look at how we made our beetle, and start cutting your pieces!

Now that you have all your pieces, you will need to cut some slits into the main body! This is how you will connect the pieces later on, it should look something like this…

Here comes the fun part! Bring out the markers, paint, glitter, whatever you like! The Rainbow Stag Beetle gets the name from its unique look, so be creative! Once the paint is dry you can puzzle your beetle together.

We would love to see your finished Rainbow Stag Beetle! Take a picture and tag @babysits and @victoriabugzoo on Instagram! Check out our other DIY’s for more great ideas for kids!

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