Why a bug zoo?

We get that question a lot. The simple answer is because bugs are awesome!

The Victoria Bug Zoo is an educational facility focused on the following goals

  • Display some of the incredible diversity of invertebrates from around the world, many of which are unknown to the average person
  • Combat the vast amount of misinformation and negative stereotypes about ‘bugs’ with facts and enthusiasm
  • Assist visitors in overcoming phobias in a safe, controlled environment
  • Provide a unique, hands-on experience for all ages with some of the most underappreciated animals
  • Promote the appreciation and conservation of all living things, no matter how different from us they are
  • Create a safe space for the younger crowd to develop and foster a life long passion for insectsAudrey the Chilean Rose HairPraying MantisWalking Stick Mimic Male




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