Love bugs and all their many legged friends, but unable to physically bring your class or group to the Bug Zoo? We now offer a few options to bring the bugs to you!


Praying Mantis


Bug Zoo Comes To You:

For our Bug Zoo comes to you option, one of our knowledgeable and fun staff members will come to your classroom, daycare, seniors center or other facility and spend an hour bringing out a combination of live and preserved insects for the group to handle. Your Bug Guide will teach the group all about the wonders of arthropods while tailoring the level of information to fit the group. We are happy to help meet specific learning outcomes depending on the class goals, please give us at least 2 weeks notice for your first choice of date for our visit and your desired learning outcomes for us to help the students meet. We are very flexible and we want to help your students learn in a memorable and hands on way! 


School and Daycare outreach visit: $150.00 + $0.55 (+tax)per kilometer away from the Bug Zoo.

*Price changing from $125 to $150 starting November 1st. All those booked for before November 1st, will be $125 and those who book after will be $150. If you booked your event already and an invoice has been sent, we will honor the price we already gave you.*

A fun filled day at your school or daycare! We bring the bugs to you and teach you all about them right in the comfort of your school. We can also visit you in a park or event center! All outdoor bookings will not include live animals, however we will bring specimens cast in resign to pass around and talk about.

In order to bring animals, we might have a close space with all windows and doors shut.

If multiple classrooms within a school are interested in the same day we are happy to accommodate to the best of our abilities (extra fees do apply). For schools further from the Bug Zoo this can help reduce the cost of gas. Unfortunately, the bugs cannot travel more than one hour from the Zoo.


We can also visit Private group functions, Birthday Parties, and many more events!  Please email us for more information as pricing is different. All non-institutional events are $200 and require a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Virtual Tours: $75 (+tax)

Explore the Bug Zoo from the comfort of your living room! If you are hosting through Zoom, you can have as many people as you’d like join. If we are hosting through Google Hangout, you are limited to 20 logins. This hour long video chat will include a bug show-and-tell with one of our incredible educators. 

Private Bug Presentation at the Zoo: $125 (+tax)

You want to visit the zoo but wanted a little extra guidance? We would love to have you in for a private Bug Zoo presentation in our Party Room! We are limiting these visits to 12 people (at least two adults). 

Multiple Bug Presentations-Same Day: $65 (+tax) Max 3 per day


To book a visit, please send an email to bookings@victoriabugzoo.ca with at least 2 weeks advance notice of your preferred date. If a school visit, please include class sizes, ages and any learning outcomes we can focus on for our visit. 

Payment is done securely online. We take Credit and PayPal.

Institutions can pay using Cheques as well.

All payments from non-institutional guests must be sent, at the latest, two day prior to event. 


 Audrey the Chilean Rose Hair

Rent a Bug Kit

Could your classroom benefit from a week with an insect kit? We have all sorts of kits available to suit different learning outcomes and to challenge students to think more about the smaller inhabitants of this world! Kits are available for week long rentals with pick up and drop off at the Victoria Bug Zoo. Each kit comes with detailed information about each specimen in the kit as well as copies of interactive activities related to the theme of the kit that are meant to encourage a deeper understanding. The specimens are durably made of acrylic resin and they can be picked up and examined from all sides. If you have specific outcomes in mind we can help direct you to the most useful resources, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

27 Piece Arthropod Kit: $75.00 a week. Shows a wide variety of the arthropod diversity found in the world as well as the two major life cycles found in insects. Includes detailed information sheets on each species in the kit. This kit is fantastic as a learning tool for ecological roles, diversity, evolution, ecological niches, adaptations, herbivores/carnivores/omnivores/detritivores, form and function … the list goes on and on! If you are looking for a bit of extra ideas on how to incorporate the idea of insects and arachnids as a learning tool, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

10 Piece Insect Orders Kit: $40.00 a week: Goes into detail on 10 of the 29 insect orders with diverse representations. There is also information included for all of the orders for a comprehensive understanding. 

Smaller kits: $25.00 a week each or $35.00 a week for both.  We have two smaller kits What is an Insect? and What is an Arthropod? Both of these kits exemplify the diversity of insects and arthropods respectively. Fantastic for form/function, evolution, physical adaptations and to springboard into ecological functionality. They would be great as well for getting students to make relatedness trees! Each kit comes with information sheets and activity sheets to help them learn. 

Kit add on’s: $15.00 each a week. Works best when combined as an add on to the 27 piece kit or one of the smaller kits, but can also be rented with other kit add on’s. 

Cabbage worm life cycle: Invasive species implications, complete metamorphosis.

Butterfly life cycle: One of the most common life-cycles people are familiar with, an example off complete metamorphosis.

Honeybee life-cycle: Complete metamorphosis and a look into the life of an important pollinator. 

Parts of a Spade Beetle: Disassembled large spade beetle with labels and descriptions of the parts of an insect. 

Small kit add on’s: $10.00 each a week. Works best when combined as an add on to the 27 piece kit or one of the other multi piece kits, but can also be rented with other kit add on’s. All come with educational material to enhance and guide the concepts demonstrated. 

Fly life-cycle: A basic fly life-cycle from egg to fly. 

Insect Pupae:A description on the different types of pupae found in insects. Focuses on reasons why different insects would have different pupal types. 

Insect legs:A description of the various form and functions of insect legs as well as the groups of insects they would be found on. 

Millipede versus Centipede: A comparison of the two groups of Myriapods  (many legged arthropods) including life history, body form and function as well as major differences between the two. 

Moth versus Butterfly: The two groups within Lepidoptera (scaly winged insects) compared and contrasted with each other.

Metamorphosis in action add on $15.00 per class: As a way to really engage students and drive home the understanding of metamorphosis, we are offering classroom sets of meal worms as an add on!  Included is enough small meal worms for every student in the class with extras, and a care sheet for Tenebrio molitor (darkling beetles). We are able to supply deli cups for all of the students at an extra charge of $1.00 each, but we ask you to consider getting students to bring in their own container (yogurt containers work just great!) to reduce unnecessary waste. Each student will have their own meal worm to feed and care for, watching it eventually pupate and develop into a beetle!


Real Bug Kit Slideshow: 


To rent Real Bug Kits or to inquire about meeting specific learning outcomes for your class, please send an email to bugs@victoriabugzoo.ca with the details of your classroom and any questions you may have. 




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