Mother’s Day at the Bug Zoo

The Bug Zoo is home to all sorts of amazing mothers! Thorny Devils and Malaysian jungle nymphs risk being eaten by predators to lay their eggs in a safe place while Amblypigid mothers carry their babies around for weeks to protect them! Other mothers such as the praying mantis, IMG_1293will actually eat her mate so she has the energy to produce more babies! Leaf cutter ant Queens take things a step further and will spend their whole lives creating offspring; they produce 1 egg every 3 seconds for 15 years!


We at the Bug Zoo know how hard working Moms can be, and we think they deserve a special gift from all of us! On Mothers Day this year, Sunday May 13th, all Moms get in to the Bug Zoo for free! For a memorable Mothers Day, bring them to the Bug Zoo!


IMG_3836 (1)

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