Praying Mantis Egg Cases



The Victoria Bug Zoo sells Praying Mantis Egg Cases (Tenodera aridifolia sinensis Chinese Praying Mantis)!

A female praying mantis will lay an ootheca (egg case) which usually contains between 50 and 200 eggs. These mantis can grow up to 10cm long and range in color from brown to green. Praying mantis are fascinating to watch hatch and grow up, make great pets at home or in the classroom, and will act as natural bio-control/pest control for your garden if put outside!

When you buy your egg case from the Bug Zoo you will receive one ootheca, one care sheet, and hours of fun.

We recommend doing a bit of research before buying your egg case so you know what to expect.

We are able to send the egg cases in the mail (cost for egg case + shipping costs). Feel free to call, email or stop by the Zoo if you have questions. (If you come into the Zoo gift shop to buy your egg case we will throw in a free poster of a giant praying mantis!) $21.99 (+tax) each.


** Side-note ** T. aridifolia sinensis, the Chinese Praying Mantis, was accidentally introduced into a nursery in Philadelphia, PA in 1896 and is now found throughout North America. There is only one generation per year and it is very unlikely that they would mate or lay eggs (plus they do not survive cold weather). Letting them outside will not harm/change the local ecosystem, only help your plants not get eaten!

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