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DIY DragonFly Ornaments

a insect on a flower

Babysits and The Victoria Bug Zoo have teamed up to teach you how to make DIY dragonfly ornaments! We will guide you through making a festive Red Grasshawk Dragonfly and an icy looking Male Widow Skimmer. These beautiful DIY dragonflies will look great hanging on the Christmas tree! Don’t celebrate Christmas? These dragonflies make great gifts for insect-lovers, whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, or a birthday! You can attach the dragonfly to a hairband, keychain, or even a baby mobile for young bug-enthusiasts!

a close up of a tree

What will you need?

  1. Paperclips
  2. Pipe Cleaners
  3. Yarn
  4. Beads
  5. Ribbon
  6. Paint (optional)

How to make them?

Step 1: For the dragonfly’s body you will first need to straighten out a paperclip!

Step 2: For the Red Grasshawk Dragonfly, we wrapped the paperclip with red yarn. For the Male Widow Skimmer, we decided to use beads instead. Bend the ends of the paperclips back to hold everything in place.

Step 3: Now time to bead the pipe cleaners! If you don’t have pipe cleaners, any flexible wire will do.

a group of chain

Step 4: Create wings with the pipe cleaners and tuck them under the bent part of the paperclip. Then tie a ribbon around the wings so you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

Optional: Paint your dragonfly! We didn’t have black beads so we used some black paint to finish off our Male Widow Skimmer!

How did your dragonflies turn out? Send us a picture @babysits and @victoriabugzoo on Instagram! Did you enjoy this DIY? Click here to find more holiday craft ideas!

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