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Arachnophobia, Aliens and Infestations, Oh My! Halloween at the Bug Zoo

a close up of a spider

This Halloween come delve into the world of insects and arachnids and the roles they play in media. Science FictionFantasy and Horror are all genres that take their most gruesome and horrific, as well as misleading, cues from our many-legged neighbors. Come learn about the inspiration behind your favorite movie monsters and learn about some of the many truly horrific life cycles and parasitism that do plague the arthropod world!

This Halloween will be focused on the horrifying and often misleading world of insects and arachnids in media and how their presence in media impacts our fears. With such a strongly negative perspective given of these animals we want to set the record straight when it comes to the facts behind the fiction!
Now it is Halloween, and a little bit of healthy fact-based fear never hurt anyone, so we will also be exploring many of the ways the arthropod world truly is terrifying!
The event will be held at the Victoria Bug Zoo on October 31st 2018 starting at 7pm (doors at 6:45) Tickets will be $15.00 per person and must be reserved before hand. As there will be a limit of 40 guests; please reserve your tickets early by emailing [email protected] or clicking this link Buy your tickets for our “Arachnophobia, Aliens and Infestations, Oh My!” event online to avoid disappointment.

This event is 18+. As much as we love having your larvae bring their excitement and curiosity to the Bug Zoo during daylight hours; for this event we ask that you leave the hatchlings at home. The topics we will be focusing on are not necessarily kid-friendly and we do not want to scare any budding entomologists away from a lifetime of loving insects! During our business hours on Halloween we will be providing treats for costumed trick or treaters though, so make sure to stop by!

a bag of chipsWe will be providing themed snacks (buggy and otherwise) as well as soft drinks/water but please note that this event is alcohol free. Some of the goodies we will be providing will contain insects; they will be very clearly marked and there is no pressure to try them. That being said; entomophagy is a fantastic way to get extra protein into your diet in a healthy and sustainable way and we encourage you to try the snacks! Our only warning is that because insects are so closely related to crustaceans; those with shellfish allergies will sometimes have reactions from eating insects as well.

Costumes are always encouraged and we will be providing prizes for some of the most creative/scariest and overall best. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!
Check our social media regularly for updates leading up to Halloween!


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