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Arthropod Outreach

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Education and encouraging a passion for arthropods are some of our main priorities at the Victoria Bug Zoo. One of the most impactful things we get to do here is have school groups, daycares and summer camps visit us here in person to ignite that curiosity and teach young minds about the importance of insects. That being said, we know that not every group has the ability or means to travel to us. With this in mind, we have been working hard to develop themed sets that teachers and care providers can rent out for a week to bring hands on learning to their classroom! Our new outreach material is comprised of beautiful, durable and transportable preserved specimens of real insects, arachnids and their relatives. These can be taken out, handled and examined from every angle! This provides a way to get up close and personal with beautifully displayed specimens with no risk of hurting a live insect. The learning opportunities are endless when it comes to the use of these specimens. On top of the specimens, there are worksheets of various different levels meant to guide and encourage learning in a fun, engaging manor.

While we move forward with this arthropod outreach program, we are grouping materials by certain themes; different life cycles, insects versus arachnids, pollination and parts of an insect to name a few. As this project is still in the initial stages, we would love feedback from teachers on what you would like to see! If you have ideas on ways to incorporate some arthropod material into your teaching or if you are interested in renting out one of our sets in the future, please send a message to Kalene at [email protected] .

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