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Centipede Eggs!


The Bug Zoo’s Giant Sonoran Centipede (Scolopendra heros) laid eggs earlier this week!

Centipedes are active predators with between 20 and 100 legs (two per body segment). Their front two legs are modified into gnathostomes (biting fangs) and can inject a potent toxin into prey. Many species of centipede show aposomatic coloration (bright colors) as a warning about their venomous bite.

This centipede is at least two years old and can live over five years. She has 23 legs and loves to eat crickets! She laid a batch of eggs a year ago. She will lay about 35 eggs in a secluded, safe place. A mom centipede will curl around her batch of eggs to protect them and clean them of bacteria and fungi. After the babies hatch out of the eggs, the mom will usually continue to care for them until they are large enough to catch food on their own. What a good mom!


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