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COVID-19 Safety Regulations

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Proof of Vaccination is required for everyone 12 and up.  Vaccine status check is not required for the gift shop. Private bookings in the Party Room also require Poof of Vaccine. We are not taking any exemptions at this time. If you can show proof of medical exemption then we would be happy to offer a discounted Virtual Tour for you and your family. Please email us for more information.

Due to everyone being fully vaccinated in our Zoo, we can hold animals again! Of course nothing that will sting, bite or fly but if you would like to hold a friend, let one of our educators know.

Masks are mandatory for all folks 5 and over. We are not taking any exemptions at this time for masks in our Giftshop, Zoo, or Party Room.

We recommend pre-booking your visit to ensure swift entry into the zoo, however walk-ins are always welcome.

Please have your mask on prior to entry into the giftshop.

Thank you for understanding and have a great day.

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