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DIY Ladybird Valentine’s Day Card

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner! At the Victoria Bug Zoo and at Babysits we want to help you spread the love, even in times of social distancing. Making a handmade card is the perfect way to show your loved one that you care about them. Your child can send this adorable card to their grandparents, best friend, babysitter, favorite teacher, or any other special person that comes to mind.

The Ladybird is an insect, more specifically, a type of beetle! The Ladybird is known for its red elytra with black spots. An elytron is a hardened forewing which covers the wing that is hidden underneath. For this DIY we made black hearts instead of spots in order to fit the theme of Valentine’s day even more!


* Red, black, and white paper

* A black marker

* A pair of scissors

* Glue

* A stapler

Let’s get started!

Step 1: On a black piece of paper, cut out a big circle with a small semi circle on top. This will be the Ladybird’s body and head.

Step 2: On a red piece of paper, cut out a circle that is slightly bigger than the one you made for the Ladybird’s body. Then cut this red circle in half to create the Ladybird’s elytron.

a large pair of scissors

Step 3: With a black marker, draw black spots (or hearts) onto the red semi circle.

Step 4: On a white piece of paper, cut out another circle. This time, make sure the circle is slightly smaller than the ladybird’s body. You can use this white paper to draw something or write a cute message.

a close up of a device

Step 5: The last step is to put everything together! You can glue the white circle on to the body. The best way to attach the elytra is to use a paper fastener so that you can open and close the wings to see the message inside. Stapling or gluing will also do the trick as long as you leave them a bit open, check out how we did it in the picture!

It’s as easy as that! We hope you enjoyed making this Ladybird, for more fun DIYs and activities for children click here! We’re always curious to see your creations, so don’t forget to tag us @babysits and @victoriabugzoo on Instagram or Facebook! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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