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Stick and Leaf Insects

a hand holding a green leaf

They are so cute and cuddly looking but they can destroy an entire ecosystem in a very short amount of time. Once they start eating it is very hard to get them to stop. They also reproduce faster than almost any other insect!

a insect on the grass

Adult Malaysian Jungle Nymph Female

Many stick insect species don’t even need a male to reproduce! Most Stick Insects are parthenogenic or semi-parthenogenic. This means that they can have babies all by themselves, which can lead to a big baby boom and an even worse off ecosystem!

Due to how much they eat and how fast they reproduce, they are classified as a Potentially Injurious Organism (PIO) by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). If you are found to have even one Stick Insect in your possession, you can face fines up to $250,000.

If you or someone you know accidentally has Stick Insects in their possession, we are happy to receive them as “surrenders”. Please DO NOT let them go into the wild. They must either be surrendered or frozen for at least 2 weeks before thrown away.

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