Welcome to the Victoria Bug Zoo!

Welcome to the amazing world of insects, arachnids, and their many-legged relatives!

A visit to this must-see mini zoo offers visitors an excellent opportunity to view and experience live tropical bugs from around the world.

Discover over 40 fascinating species including giant walking sticks, beautiful praying mantis, glow-in-the-dark scorpions, hairy tarantulas, and Canada’s largest ant farm. Knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to the wonderful world of bugs, give a wealth of information about the animals on display, and provide a safe bug handling experience for the more adventurous. Don’t forget your camera! This stop is sure to thrill everyone; from children, adults, bug-lovers to even the more skeptical visitors!

Tours always in progress.

Don’t miss this unforgettable, hands-on adventure while in Victoria, BC!

The Victoria Bug Zoo gift shop offers unique gifts for the whole family. Choose from local art, educational books, insect collecting gear, t-shirts, edible bugs, and more! Gift certificates for admission available. Open during business hours.